USB Streaming (movie)

still image, movie, slow&quick motion

You can connect a computer, etc. to the camera and use the camera video and audio for livestreaming or web-conferencing services. Select MENU (Setup) → [USB][USB Connection Mode][Sel. When Connect] or [USB Streaming] beforehand.

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [USB Streaming] and select the desired settings for [ Res/Frame Rate] and [ Movie Recording].
  2. Connect the camera to a computer or other device with a USB cable.

    [Streaming:Standby] will appear on the camera screen, and the camera will switch to the streaming standby state.

    • If [USB Connection Mode] is set to [Sel. When Connect], select [Live Stream(USB Streaming)] on the selection screen for the USB connection mode.
    • Use a cable or adapter that matches the terminal on the device to be connected.
  3. Start streaming from your livestreaming/web-conferencing service.

    [Streaming:Output] will appear on the camera screen.

    • To exit [USB Streaming], turn off the power of the camera or disconnect the USB cable.

Menu item details

Res/Frame Rate:
Sets the resolution and the frame rate of the video. ([4K(2160p) 15p]/[4K(2160p)12.5p]/[HD(1080p) 60p]/[HD(1080p) 50p]/[HD(1080p) 30p]/[HD(1080p) 25p]/[HD(720p) 30p]/[HD(720p) 25p])
Movie Recording:
Sets whether or not to enable recording of the video to the recording media during streaming. ([Enable]/[Disable])


  • If you assign the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, etc. to the dial or control wheel or register them to the function menu, you can adjust these values even during USB streaming.
  • The format of the streaming data is as follows.
    • Video format: MJPEG or YUV420
    • Audio format: PCM, 48 kHz, 16 bit, 2 ch
  • During USB streaming, power is supplied to the camera from the computer. If you want to consume as little computer power as possible, set [USB Power Supply] to [Off].
  • When using an external microphone, you can minimize deviations between your voice and the movements of your mouth by connecting the microphone to the (microphone) terminal of the camera.


  • While USB streaming is in progress, the camera is always set to the movie recording mode regardless of the position of the Still/Movie/S&Q dial.
  • You cannot do the following while [USB Streaming] is running.
    • Transition to the playback screen
    • Network functions (PC remote, FTP transfer, remote operation from a smartphone, Bluetooth function, etc.)
  • The following functions are disabled while [USB Streaming] is running.
    • Picture Profile
    • Power Save Start Time
    • Auto Monitor OFF
  • When you connect the camera to a device using the USB 2.0 standard, the resolution and frame rate of the streaming video become set to HD (720p) 30p/HD (720p) 25p.
  • If you change the settings for [File Format] or [ Res/Frame Rate]/[ Movie Recording] under [USB Streaming] during USB streaming, the streaming screen may become paused. You may also need to resume streaming from an application depending on the livestreaming service.
  • Depending on the temperature environment, output image quality setting for streaming, setting for movie recording during streaming, Wi-Fi connection environment, and usage conditions before the start of streaming, the internal temperature of the camera may rise, and the time available for streaming may become shorter.