Clear Image Zoom/Digital Zoom

still image, movie, slow&quick motion

When you use a zoom function other than the optical zoom, you can exceed the zoom range of the optical zoom.

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [Zoom][Zoom Range] → Select [Clear Image Zoom] or [Digital Zoom].
  2. Zoom using the W/T (zoom) lever.
    • If you assign [Zoom Operation (T)] or [Zoom Operation (W)] to the desired key in advance by selecting MENU → (Setup) → [Operation Customize][Custom Key/Dial Set.] or [Custom Key/Dial Set.], you can zoom in and out simply by pressing that key.

To zoom using the zoom icon displayed on the screen

  1. MENU (Setup) → [Touch Operation][Shooting Screen][On].
  2. Swipe in from the left or right edge of the screen to display the touch icons.
  3. Touch (Zoom) icon (A), and then select the magnification scale (B). Alternatively, touch and hold the W or T icon (C).

    Illustration of the screen for setting the magnification after touching the zoom icon

    (A): (Zoom) icon

    (B): Magnification scale

    (C): W/T icon


  • When a power zoom lens is attached, you can use the zoom lever or zoom ring to magnify the image. If you exceed the optical zoom magnification, you can switch to a zoom function other than the optical zoom with the same operation.
  • When using step zoom, a zoom function set in [Zoom Range] (Smart Zoom, Clear Image Zoom, or Digital Zoom) may be used even within the optical zoom range.