Framing Stabilizer

movie, slow&quick motion

The camera automatically corrects the composition so that the subject being tracked is kept at the same position in the composition, allowing you to record movies with the position of the subject stable.

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [Image Stabilization][Framing Stabilizer] → desired setting.

Menu item details

[Framing Stabilizer] is enabled.

Selects [On: Center], which locks the composition so that the subject being tracked is in the center, or [On: Manual], which requires you to manually set the position to which the subject being tracked is locked.

  • When [On: Manual] is selected, you can lock/unlock the position of the subject by touching (composition lock icon) on the screen or pressing the center of the control wheel.
[Framing Stabilizer] is disabled.


  • When the subject is moving, keeping the camera aimed at the subject while shooting will make it easier to correct the composition.
  • With [Framing Stabilizer], the angle of view becomes narrower because cropping is performed using images in 4K resolution.
  • To avoid deterioration of the image quality, it is recommended that you set [File Format] to HD image quality when using [Framing Stabilizer].


  • The camera may focus on a subject outside the area cropped with [Framing Stabilizer].
  • It may not be possible to correct the composition depending on the movement of the subject.