USB Streaming (movie)

still image, movie, slow&quick motion

You can connect a computer, etc. to the camera and use the camera video and audio for livestreaming or web-conferencing services. Select MENU (Setup) → [USB][USB Connection Mode][Sel. When Connect] or [USB Streaming] beforehand.

  1. MENU (Network) → [Streaming][USB Streaming] → Set [Output Res/Frame Rate] and [Movie Rec During Streaming].
  2. Connect the camera to a computer or other device with a commercially available USB cable.

    [USB Streaming:Standby] will appear on the camera screen, and the camera will switch to the streaming standby state.

    • If [USB Connection Mode] is set to [Sel. When Connect], select [Live Stream(USB Streaming)] on the selection screen for the USB connection mode.
    • Use a cable or adapter that matches the terminal on the device to be connected.
  3. Start streaming from your livestreaming/web-conferencing service.

    [USB Streaming:Output] will appear on the camera screen.

    • To exit USB Streaming, turn off the power of the camera or disconnect the USB cable.

Menu item details

Output Res/Frame Rate:
Sets the resolution and the frame rate of the video. ([4K(2160p) 30p]/[4K(2160p) 25p]/[4K(2160p) 15p]/[4K(2160p)12.5p]/[HD(1080p) 60p]/[HD(1080p) 50p]/[HD(1080p) 30p]/[HD(1080p) 25p]/[HD(720p) 30p]/[HD(720p) 25p])
Movie Rec During Streaming:
Sets whether or not to enable recording of the video to the recording media during streaming. ([Enable]/[Disable])


  • If you assign the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, etc. to the dial or control wheel or register them to the function menu, you can adjust these values even during USB streaming.
  • The format of the streaming data is as follows.
    • Video format: MJPEG* or YUV420

      *When the resolution is set to HD (720p), only MJPEG is available.

    • Audio format: PCM, 48 kHz, 16 bit, 2 ch
  • During USB streaming, power is supplied to the camera from the computer. If you want to consume as little computer power as possible, set [USB Power Supply] to [Off].
  • When using an external microphone, you can minimize deviations between your voice and the movements of your mouth by connecting the microphone to the (microphone) terminal of the camera.


  • While USB streaming is in progress, the camera is always set to the movie recording mode regardless of the position of the Still/Movie/S&Q switch.
  • You cannot do the following while USB Streaming is running.
    • Transition to the playback screen
    • Network functions (PC remote, remote operation from a smartphone, Bluetooth function, etc.)
  • The following functions are disabled while USB Streaming is running.
    • Picture Profile
    • Power Save Start Time
    • Auto Monitor OFF
  • When you connect the camera to a device using the USB 2.0 standard, the resolution and frame rate of the streaming video become set to HD (720p) 30p/HD (720p) 25p.
  • When performing USB streaming at the following resolutions and frame rates, use a computer that supports SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps (USB 3.2) and a commercially available USB cable.
    • 4K (2160p) 30p, 4K (2160p) 15p, HD (1080p) 60p, HD (1080p) 30p
    Even if the above values are set, the actual output will be HD (720p) 30p when connected using the USB 2.0 standard.
  • If you change the settings for the following items during USB streaming, the streaming screen may pause temporarily. You may also need to resume streaming from an application depending on the livestreaming service.
    • [Output Res/Frame Rate] or [Movie Rec During Streaming] under [USB Streaming]
    • [File Format]
    • [Auto Framing Settings]
  • Depending on the temperature environment, output image quality setting for streaming, setting for movie recording during streaming, Wi-Fi connection environment, and usage conditions before the start of streaming, the internal temperature of the camera may rise, and the time available for streaming may become shorter.