Exposure Comp. (still image/movie)

still image, movie, slow&quick motion

Normally, exposure is set automatically (auto exposure). Based on the exposure value set by auto exposure, you can make the entire image brighter or darker if you adjust [Exposure Comp.] to the plus side or minus side, respectively (exposure compensation).

  1. ( Exposure Comp.) on the control wheel → press the left/right side of the control wheel or turn the control wheel, and select the desired setting.

    + (over) side:
    Images become brighter.

    - (under) side:
    Images become darker.

    • You can also select MENU (Exposure/Color) → [Exposure Comp.][Exposure Comp.].
    • When [Touch Operation] is set to [On] and [Footer Icon Touch] is set to [On], you can change the exposure compensation values using touch operations.
    • You can adjust the exposure compensation value within the range of -5.0 EV to +5.0 EV.
    • You can confirm the exposure compensation value that you set on the shooting screen.

      Example of an exposure compensation value indicated on the monitor


  • Only a value between -3.0 EV and +3.0 EV with the equivalent image brightness appears on the screen when shooting. If you set an exposure compensation value outside this range, the image brightness on the screen will not be affected, but the value will be reflected in the recorded image.
  • You can adjust the exposure compensation value within the range of -2.0 EV to +2.0 EV for movies.


  • You cannot perform the exposure compensation in the following shooting modes:
    • [Intelligent Auto]
    • [Scene Selection]
  • When using [Manual Exposure], you can perform the exposure compensation only when [ISO] is set to [ISO AUTO].
  • If you shoot a subject in extremely bright or dark conditions, or when you use the flash, you may not be able to get a satisfactory effect.