FE 28-60mm F4-5.6

Illustration of the lens

  1. Focusing ring
  2. Zooming ring
  3. Focal-length scale

    Illustration showing the focal-length scale

    When shooting, rotate the zooming ring until the focal-length index comes within the focal-length scale range (A) to extend the lens.

  4. Lens mount rubber ring
  5. Mounting index
  6. Lens contacts*
  7. Lens retraction index

    After shooting, rotate the zooming ring until the lens retraction index reaches the focal-length index to retract the lens.

  8. Focal-length index

* Do not touch this part directly.


Focal length: 28 – 60 mm

35mm equivalent focal length*1: 42 – 90 mm

Lens groups-elements: 7 – 8

Angle of view 1*2: 75° – 40°

Angle of view 2*2: 54° – 27°

Minimum focus*3: 0.3 – 0.45 m (0.99 – 1.48 ft.)

Maximum magnification: 0.16×

Minimum aperture: f/22 – f/32

Filter diameter: 40.5 mm

Dimensions (max. diameter × height): Approx. 66.6 mm × 45 mm (Approx. 2 5/8 inches × 1 13/16 inches)

Mass: Approx. 167 g (Approx. 5.9 oz.)

SteadyShot: No

*1This is the equivalent focal length in 35mm format when mounted on an Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera equipped with an APS-C sized image sensor.

*2Angle of view 1 is the value for 35mm cameras, and angle of view 2 is the value for Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras equipped with an APS-C sized image sensor.

*3Minimum focus is the distance from the image sensor to the subject.

Supplied items

Lens (1), Front Lens Cap (1), Rear Lens Cap (1)


  • If you use this lens attached to a camera other than this model, an alert may not appear on the monitor or the viewfinder even when the focal-length index is outside the range of the focal-length scale. In such cases, the camera shoots images as follows.
    • The aperture value is locked at F14.
    • The focus mode is locked to manual focusing, but you cannot adjust the focus using the focusing ring.
    • The ending of the lens name in the Exif information is recorded as “(Retract)” or “F0” when the image is shot with the lens retracted.
  • This lens is only supplied with lens-kit models. The release status of lens-kit models may vary among countries and regions.