Optimizing the noise canceling function to suit the wearer (NC Optimizer)

This function optimizes the noise canceling function by detecting the shape of your face, your hairstyle, the headset attaching condition based on the absence or presence of glasses, or the pressure change in an airplane.
We recommend that you turn on this function when you use the headset for the first time or the pressure in an airplane changes.

  1. Wear the headset when the headset is turned on.

  2. Press and hold the NC/AMBIENT button until you hear voice guidance “Optimizer start” (for about two seconds).

    While optimizing, you will hear test sounds.

    When the optimizing process is finished, you will hear voice guidance “Optimizer finished”.


  • When the wearing condition has been changed, such as you have changed your hair style or taken off eyeglasses, it is recommended that you perform the NC Optimizer again.
  • If you are on an airplane, we recommend that you turn on the NC Optimizer function at the stable flight condition.
  • The condition set with the NC Optimizer function is kept until you use this function again. We recommend that you turn on the NC Optimizer function again after geting off the airplane and so on.


  • When performing the NC Optimizer, wear the headset in the actual use condition. Do not touch the headset while performing the optimizer.
  • If the headset receives another operation while performing the NC Optimizer, the optimizing is canceled.
  • If the NC/AMBIENT button is set as the Google Assistant button, the NC Optimizer function cannot be operated from the headset.