Combining clips and watching a film

You can combine clips to create a film, and then watch the film using the Cinema Library.
  1. While using the Cinema Pro app, tap [All files] to display a list of clips in a project.
  2. Tap (More icon) > [Create final film].
  3. Tap the clips in the order in which you want to combine them.
  4. Tap [Create].


  • Clips with different frame rates cannot be combined.

To watch the created film using the Cinema Library

  1. Launch the Cinema Library app.
    • While using the Cinema Pro app, tap [All files] > (Cinema Library icon).
    • While using the Cinema Pro app, tap (Menu icon) > [Cinema Library].
    • Touch and hold (Cinema Pro icon), and then tap [Cinema Library] in the menu that opens.
  2. Tap [Final films], and then select a film.


  • You can create a shortcut for the Cinema Library app on the Home screen. Touch and hold (Cinema Pro icon). From the menu that opens, drag (Cinema Library icon) to the desired location.
  • 120 fps videos are played back at 120 Hz even when [High refresh rate] in the Settings menu is set to off.