Face/Eye AF (still image/video)

The camera can detect the faces or eyes of people and animals, and then focus on the eyes automatically (Eye AF).

To change the focus target, tap the face of the subject on whom you would like to focus.


  • In the BASIC (Basic) mode, the [Face/Eye AF] function in a video mode will be made available through a software update. Software rollouts are a phased process; the timing and availability vary by market and/or operator.
  • In the BASIC (Basic) mode, the [Face/Eye AF] function is available while using the main camera.

Turning the [Face/Eye AF] function on

  1. Tap [MENU].

  2. Find and tap [Face/Eye AF] > [On].

  3. Close the menu.

    The setting is saved.


  • When a video mode is selected in the BASIC (Basic) mode, you can turn the [Face/Eye AF] function on or off by tapping (Face/Eye AF button) even during recording.

Shooting an image using the [Face/Eye AF] function

  1. Point the camera at the subject.

    When the camera detects the faces of people or animals, a detection frame appears.

  2. Tap the face on which you want to focus.

  3. Press the camera key halfway down to focus.

    The camera focuses on one of the eyes with a green frame.

  4. Press the camera key fully down (or tap the shutter button in the BASIC (Basic) mode).