Using your device in wet and dusty conditions

Your device is water- and dust-resistant with ratings of IPX5/IPX8 and IP6X. However, remember: all USB ports and connectors must be completely dry before use and attached covers should be firmly closed. Your device has a Nano SIM/Memory card slot with an attached cover. You should not put the device completely underwater, or expose it to seawater, salt water, chlorinated water, or liquids such as drinks. Your warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by abuse or use of your device in disregard of instructions from Sony. For information about warranty, please read the Important information provided under [Settings] > [About phone] > [Legal information] on your device.

To close attached covers

  1. Press the highlighted positions as illustrated and make sure that there are no gaps between the cover and your device.

    (A): Cover

    Image showing where the SIM card/microSD card slot and four corners of the cover are located

To dry your device

  1. Using a micro-fiber cloth, wipe away any excess moisture from your device.

    Image of wiping away moisture from the device with a micro-fiber cloth

  2. With the device held firmly and the USB port facing downwards, shake the device vigorously at least 20 times. Reverse the orientation and shake the device again 20 times.

    Image of draining water by shaking the device. Do the same with the port facing upwards.

  3. Use a micro-fiber cloth to wipe away any remaining moisture. Wipe keys, ports, and parts of your device such as speakers, microphones, sensors, cameras, etc. as shown in the illustration.

    Image of wiping away moisture from the rear, front, bottom, and left and right sides of the device

  4. Leave your device for at least a couple of hours and ensure that it is completely dry before use.