Launching the Game enhancer app

The Game enhancer app makes gameplay much more convenient with various functions. While playing a game, you can improve the microphone sound quality when voice-chatting using a headset according to your mic type; adjust the colors, display effects of displayed content, and sounds; and more.

Downloaded games are automatically stored in the Game enhancer app, and you can quickly launch the games from My games.

  1. Find and tap (Game enhancer icon).

Screen overview

Image showing where each function is located on the Game enhancer screen. Upper right area from left to right, 1 and 2. Upper area, 3. Center area, 4.

  1. Add new games manually.
  2. Game enhancer settings
  3. Recommended – An introduction to Game enhancer features and recommended games is displayed.
  4. My games

    Downloaded games will be automatically listed. Tap a game icon to start the game.

    To view a screenshot or video taken by the Game enhancer app, tap (Game profile icon).

To store game icons

You can store and manage all game apps together in My games. Game icons that you store on the Game enhancer app screen will be hidden from the Home screen and the app drawer.

  1. Tap (Game enhancer settings icon), and then tap the [Store game icons] switch to enable the function.


  • If game icons cannot be stored, make sure that you have not changed the Home screen from [Xperia Home] and that (Game enhancer icon) is located on the Home screen.