Pairing with a Bluetooth device cannot be done.

  • Bring the headset and the Bluetooth device within 1 m (3.2 ft) from each other.
  • When pairing for the first time after purchasing, initializing, or repairing the headset, the headset enters pairing mode automatically if you remove the headset from the charging case. To pair a second or subsequent device, set the headset units into the charging case, leave the charging case lid open, and press and hold the pairing button on the back of the charging case for about 5 seconds or more to enter pairing mode.
  • The headset cannot go into pairing mode if the headset is not set securely in the charging case, such as when the earbud tips are not properly attached to the headset. Make sure the headset is stored securely in the charging case.
  • When pairing a device once again after initializing or repairing the headset, you may be unable to pair the device if it retains pairing information for the headset (iPhone or other devices). In this case, delete the pairing information of the headset registered on the connected device before pairing.
  • If there is a device nearby that has been connected with the headset using LE Audio before, the device may be automatically connected with the headset when the headset enters pairing mode. Turn off the Bluetooth setting of the device with the connection history, and then pair the headset with a new device.
  • Restart the connected device such as a smartphone or a computer you use, and pair the headset and the device again.
  • Charge the charging case.
  • Set the headset units into the charging case, close the charging case lid once, and then open it again.
    You may be able to resolve some issues by setting the headset units into the charging case.
  • Reset the headset.
  • Initialize the headset, and pair the headset and the device again.