The available operating time is short, the battery power does not last long, the battery life of the left and right headset units is different.

  • If you set the following functions, the available operating time of the battery becomes short.
    • Sound quality mode during Bluetooth playback: Priority on sound quality
    • Noise canceling function/Ambient Sound Mode
    • Equalizer
    • DSEE Extreme
    • Speak-to-Chat
    • Function to launch the voice assist function by your voice
    • Service Link

    If you run the above settings at the same time, the available operating time of the battery becomes even shorter.

  • The left or right headset unit works as the main headset unit, so it consumes the rechargeable battery faster than the other unit. There is a difference in remaining battery charge between the left and right headset units, but this is not a malfunction.
    The left or the right headset unit can be the “main headset unit” depending on the usage environment.
  • If you use both headset units immediately after using only one headset unit, there may be a difference in the remaining battery charge. This is not a malfunction because the remaining battery charge on one side is consumed.
  • When you have finished using the headset, be sure to set the headset units into the charging case. If the headset is placed in the pockets, etc., the headset recognizes that the headset is worn, and it may not turn off after a period of time has passed.
  • Be sure to close the charging case lid to prevent the battery of the charging case from being consumed.
    Placing devices that generate magnetic force, such as smartphones, magnetic wireless chargers, and magnetic peripherals, close to the charging case may affect the detection of the opening and closing of the charging case lid.
    Keep the charging case away from these devices.
  • The available battery operating time becomes shorter when talking on the phone than when listening to music.