Checking the package contents

After opening the package, check that all of the items in the list are included. If any items are missing, contact your dealer.

Numbers in ( ) indicate the item amount.

Wireless Noise Canceling Stereo Headset (1)

USB Type-C® cable (USB-A to USB-C®) (approx. 20 cm (7.88 in.)) (1)

Noise isolation earbud tips (SS/S/M/L 2 each)

  • M-sized earbud tips come attached to the left and right headset units at the time of purchase.
    The size of the earbud tips can be determined based on the color of the inside of the earbud tips.

    SS size: red

    S size: orange

    M size: green

    L size: light blue

Charging case (1)

Documents (1 set)


  • Earbud tips are consumables. If the earbud tips are damaged and need replacing, contact your nearest Sony dealer or purchase the EP-NI1010 series*, sold separately.

*May not be supported in some countries or regions.