Listening to music on a PC via a network (Windows Media Player with SongPal operation)

By operating from a controller such as a smartphone or iPhone on your home network, you can enjoy music stored in a Windows 8 or later PC on your home network with the speaker.

To operate the Windows 8 or later PC after downloading SongPal on the smartphone, iPhone, etc., follow the steps below.

  1. Select [Windows Media Player] in [All apps].
  2. Click or tap [Stream], then select [More streaming options...].

    If [More streaming options...] does not appear, select [Turn on media streaming...]. Then select [Turn on media streaming] on the [Media streaming options] screen.

  3. Check that all the devices are allowed, then select [OK] (in some versions, select [Next]) to close the screen.

    If not all devices are allowed, select [Allow All], then the [Allow All Media Devices] screen appears. Then, select [Automatically allow all computers and media devices.] to allow all devices.

  4. Check that [Music] is set to [Shared], then select [Next].

  5. Select [Finish] to close the screen.
  6. Select [Stream], then check that [Automatically allow devices to play my media...] has been checked.

    The setting is now complete. You can listen to music stored in your PC, using your smartphone, iPhone, etc.