What you can do with SongPal

SongPal is an application for controlling Sony audio devices which are compatible with SongPal, by your smartphone, iPhone, etc.

Search for SongPal at Google Play or the App Store and download it onto your smartphone, iPhone, etc.

For details about SongPal, refer to the following URL:


Downloading SongPal onto your smartphone/iPhone provides the following.

Sound settings of the speaker

You can easily customize your sound, or use the “ClearAudio+” setting recommended by Sony.

Music service

You can configure the initial settings to use music services*.

*Depending on the country or region, music services and their period of availability may differ. Separate registration is required for certain services. An update of the device may be required.
Services offered by third parties may be changed, suspended, or terminated without prior notice. Sony does not bear any responsibility for such situations.

Controlling devices on your home network

You can play music stored in your PC or home network server over your network.

Controlling a device connected via USB

You can play music in a device connected the USB port of the speaker.


  • What you can control with SongPal varies depending on the connected device. The specification and design of the application may change without notice.