About the main unit becoming warm

If you use the speaker for a long period, the main unit may become warm. This is not a malfunction.

On operations

  • The speaker unit, built-in amplifier, and cabinet are adjusted precisely. Do not disassemble or remodel.
  • Do not leave the speaker in any of the following locations.
    • A place subject to high temperature such as direct sunlight or near a heat source
    • In a car with windows closed (especially in summer)
    • A place with moisture such as a bathroom
    • A place with excessive dust, or on sand
    • Near any object susceptible to magnetism (such as recorded tapes, watches, cash cards, floppy disks)
    • A place with heavy vibration
  • Place the speaker on the flat surface.
  • Make sure the speaker will not fall from its location. Do not place valuables near the speaker.
  • When transporting the speaker, do not place any objects susceptible to magnetism, such as cash cards or floppy disks, near the speaker.
  • If the cabinet becomes dirty, wipe it using a soft cloth with a little detergent. Do not use alcohol, benzene, or thinner to clean the cabinet.


  • If you have any questions or problems, contact your nearest Sony dealer after reading this guide.
  • When disposing of or giving away the speaker, make sure to initialize it to reset all settings to the factory defaults.

The MAC address is located on the bottom exterior of the speaker.

MAC1: MAC address for wired networks

MAC2: MAC address for Wi-Fi networks