Connecting with an NFC-compatible device by one touch (NFC)

By only touching the speaker with an NFC-compatible device such as a smartphone, pairing (registration) will be made automatically.

Compatible smartphones
NFC-compatible smartphones with Android 4.1 or later installed
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Compatible Walkman models
NFC-compatible Walkman models*

* Even if your Walkman is compatible with the NFC function, it may not be able to make a BLUETOOTH connection with the speaker by one touch. For details on the compatible models, refer to the operating instructions supplied with your Walkman.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology enabling short-range wireless communication between various devices, such as smartphones and IC tags. The data communication is easily activated by touching the device to the specific position on the speaker.
Do the following before starting.
  • Turn down the volume of the device.
  • Stop playback on the BLUETOOTH device to avoid sudden loud sound output from the speaker.
  1. Turn on the NFC function of the device.
  2. Touch the speaker with the device.

    Unlock the screen of the device.

    Keep touching the device on the N-Mark ( ) of the speaker until the device responds (it may take a few seconds).

    Follow the instructions on the screen.

    When the BLUETOOTH connection is established, the BLUETOOTH indicator stops flashing and stays lit.

    To disconnect, touch the speaker with the device again.


  • The procedure explained above is for guidance only. For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the BLUETOOTH device.
  • You can perform pairing or connect to another BLUETOOTH device even when a BLUETOOTH connection is established. In this case, the previous connection will be disconnected.
  • SongPal has no function of play music via a BLUETOOTH connection. Play music with your BLUETOOTH device such as smartphone, PC, etc.
  • Even if the speaker is not turned on, the BLUETOOTH indicator flashes when touching with a device. When the connection is established, the speaker is turned on automatically.
  • If the connection is not established, do the following.
    • Move the device over the N-Mark of the speaker slowly.
    • If the device is in a case, remove it.
  • When you touch an NFC-compatible device which is connected with another NFC-compatible device such as a headphone, the connection is switched to the speaker automatically.


  • If the NFC fails to connect, touch with the device again.
  • Stop playback on the BLUETOOTH device and turn down the volume of the device beforehand. When pairing is completed, loud sound may output from the speaker. Otherwise, you may experience sudden loud sound from the speaker when music is played back for the first time after pairing.
  • If your smartphone is changed to the standby mode by a magnetic reaction, it might not connect with the speaker by one touch (NFC). Use the smartphone without the NFC function. For details, refer to the operating instructions of your smartphone.
  • When connecting your NFC-compatible device with using the NFC function, be careful not to touch the FUNCTION button and -/+ (volume) buttons at the same time with the device.