Searching the latest software via a network connection

The speaker has a function which updates the latest software automatically via a Wi-Fi or wired network.

When the latest software is released and the speaker searches it, the UPDATE indicator lights up in orange.

To avoid the network trouble by many accessing the network server, the searching timing is differ to each speaker. You can also check manually if the latest software is released.

This section explains how to check the latest software releasing manually.

Do the following before starting.

  • Check that the speaker is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    Check that the LINK indicator lights up in orange or pink.
  • Check that the UPDATE indicator lights off.
    If the indicator lights up in orange, the speaker has already searched the latest software, and you cannot operate the following procedure. Start updating the software.
  1. Press the UPDATE/WPS button on the rear of the speaker.

    The UPDATE indicator flashes in orange*1, the NETWORK indicator lights up, and the speaker starts searching if the latest software is released.

  2. Check the UPDATE indicator as followings.
    • Lights off: The software of this speaker is the latest version.
    • Lights up in orange: The latest software is released.

      If you set the function, which updates the speaker software automatically, to enable by SongPal, the speaker will update the software while you are not using the speaker, such as midnight or when the speaker is in the standby mode.

      When you update the software immediately, update manually as followings.

      When updating starts, the playback is stopped and the BLUETOOTH connection is disconnected.

  3. When the UPDATE indicator lights up in orange, press and hold the UPDATE/WPS button until the beep sound is heard.

    When updating starts, the UPDATE indicator flashes in orange.

    While updating, the speaker cannot be operated.

    When software updating is completed, the UPDATE indicator lights off, and the speaker enters the standby mode or BLUETOOTH/Network mode automatically.
    When turning on the speaker after updating, the UPDATE indicator flashes three times in orange.

*1The checking is finished immediately. So, you cannot see the flashing indicator. Depending on the network environment, it may take time. In this case, wait for about one minute.