Listening to an Internet music service (Spotify)

“Spotify” gives you instant access to millions of songs.

The “Spotify Connect” feature lets you select music on the Spotify app and stream it on the unit. To use “Spotify Connect” feature, you need a Premium account.

For details about Spotify, refer to the following URL:


  • Depending on the country or region, the Spotify service availability may differ.
  1. Connect the speaker and a smartphone, iPhone, etc. to the same network.

    Connect the speaker and the smartphone, iPhone, etc. to the same SSID of the wireless router.

    The LINK indicator lights up in orange or pink when the speaker is connected to your network.

  2. Tap the FUNCTION button.

    The NETWORK indicator lights up in white, and the speaker switches to NETWORK mode.

  3. Download the Spotify app to your smartphone, iPhone, etc. from Google Play or the App Store.
  4. Launch the Spotify app and log in to a Spotify Premium account.
  5. Select and start playing the music.
  6. Tap the Connect icon () and select the unit as the audio output device.

    Select the unit


  • When “Spotify Connect” is activated, the Connect icon () lights up.