Listening with multiple speakers (SongPal Link)

You can enjoy listening to your favorite music in various styles by wireless speaker combinations.

Compatible models

For more details about SongPal Link and compatible models for Wireless Surround and Wireless Stereo functions, refer to the following URL.

SongPal Link features

The Wireless Multi-room function, Wireless Surround function, and Wireless Stereo function are available.

To switch between functions, cancel the function you are using, and then operate for the other function. To cancel a function, operate on SongPal. For the Wireless Surround function or Wireless Stereo function, you can also cancel the function by pressing and holding the SET UP button on the rear of the speaker until a beep is heard. The L/R indicators turn off, and the function is canceled. The grouping is also canceled.


  • To play back music stored on a PC, the server (DMS) function is required on the PC. For more information, refer to the operating instructions for the PC.
  • Only music files on the server device of the home network can be played back. Sound from video files cannot be played back.

Playing music in more than one room at the same time (Wireless Multi-room)

By grouping speakers, you can fill your rooms with same music simultaneously.

For music stored on a PC or NAS, you can also listen to different songs from each speaker.*

You can save the settings of your favorite speaker group.

For more details on the Wireless Multi-room function (such as grouping and group playback), refer to the following URL.

* Different songs stored on a smartphone or tablet cannot be output from each speaker.

Using the speaker as a rear speaker (Wireless Surround)

Enjoy even greater surround sound with additional speakers.

For more details, see "Using this speaker as a rear speaker (Wireless Surround)."

Using two speakers (Wireless Stereo)

Pair two speakers together to create wider, stereo sound.

For more details, see "Connecting two speakers (Wireless Stereo)."