Manual update via a USB flash drive (when the update via a network has failed)

If the (power) indicator flashes in red and the UPDATE indicator flashes in orange, the software update has failed. In this case, the speaker will not respond to any operation and no function can be used, except the (power)/ PAIRING button operation. Follow the procedure below to check the speaker’s condition, then complete the software update with an appropriate method.

  1. Press the (power)/ PAIRING button to turn off the speaker, and then press it to turn on the speaker.
  2. Wait for about three minutes (or until a network connection is established), then check the condition of the UPDATE indicator and (power) indicator.
    • When the UPDATE button lights up in orange: The update is not complete, though the speaker can be used normally. Turn the speaker off again, then refer to the following to complete the software update using a USB flash drive.

      Update method 3: Manual update via a USB flash drive

    • When the UPDATE indicator flashes in orange and the (power) indicator flashes in red (the same as the situation before turning the speaker on again): The update has failed and the speaker cannot be used. Proceed to the next step to update using a USB flash drive.

      The update procedure is different from "Update Method 3" and the following steps are required. In this case, the update cannot be performed via a network.

  3. If the UPDATE indicator flashes in orange and the (power) indicator flashes in red, follow the procedure below to update.
    1. Download the update file from the website below, then store it in a USB flash drive.

      For customers in Europe:

      For customers in the USA:

      For customers in Canada:

      For customers in other countries/regions:

    2. Turn the speaker off again.

      After turning off the speaker, complete following steps until turning on the power again within three minutes.

    3. Connect the USB flash drive to the USB port () on the rear of the speaker.
    4. Turn the speaker on.

      The UPDATE indicator flashes and the update starts automatically.

      The UPDATE indicator turns off and the speaker enters to the standby mode or BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode automatically when the updating is completed. When you turn on the speaker for the first time after an update, the UPDATE button flashes three times.


  • The number of flashes of the UPDATE indicator will change according to the update’s progress. The UPDATE indicator flashes four times at first, and decreases by one flash, then turns off when the updating is completed. Do not turn the speaker off during the update.


  • When you update using a USB flash drive, the update cannot be stopped. If the USB flash drive is removed or the speaker is unplugged during the update, the speaker will malfunction.
  • Updating normally takes 3 to 10 minutes.
  • Do not operate the speaker during an update. Also, keep the speaker connected to the power supply and network while updating.