Battery pack

On charging the battery pack

  • Charge the battery pack before using the remote control.
  • We recommend charging the battery pack in an ambient temperature of between 10°C to 30°C (50°F to 86°F) until the CHG (Charge) lamp turns off. The battery pack may not be effectively charged in temperatures outside this range.
  • The CHG (Charge) lamp may blink during charging in the following situations:
    • Battery pack is damaged.
    • The temperature of the remote control is low. Put it in a warm place.
    • The temperature of the remote control is high. Put it in a cool place.

Effective use of the battery pack

  • Battery pack performance decreases at a low ambient temperature lower than 10°C (50°F). In cold places, therefore, the operational time of the battery pack is shorter.

Remaining battery charge

  • If the battery pack runs out quickly even though the remaining charge indicator is high, fully charge the remote control again. The remaining charge indicator will be then displayed correctly. Note that it may not be displayed correctly in the following situations:
    • The remote control is used for a long time at high ambient temperature.
    • The remote control is left fully charged.
    • The remote control is used heavily.

On battery pack life

  • The battery pack has a limited life. Battery capacity decreases over time and through repeated use. If decreased usage time between charges becomes significant, the battery pack life has been shortened. In this case, contact your Sony dealer.
  • The battery pack life varies according to how the battery pack is stored or used.