Button hold function

This function prevents you from accidentally pressing the buttons of the remote control while carrying the remote control around.

Press the MENU button for 2 seconds or more to set the button hold function.

  • In button hold mode, appears on the LCD screen of the remote control. The REC/ENTER button, MENU button, UP button and DOWN button of the remote control are disabled.
  • To cancel the button hold mode, press the MENU button for 2 seconds or more, or press the (on/standby) button to turn off the power of the remote control.


  • The button hold function is only available when the remote control is connected to a camera via Wi-Fi. When not connected, the button hold function cannot be used.
  • The button hold function cannot be used while the MENU item is displayed.
  • When the Wi-Fi connection between the remote control and the camera is disconnected, the button hold function is canceled.