Setting the date and time

When you use the remote control for the first time, the setting screens such as the date and time or date format are displayed. Set the date and time before using the remote control.

  1. Press the UP button or DOWN button to select the desired item, then press the REC/ENTER button.
    • The following items are displayed in turn on the LCD screen.
      • : Area setting
      • : Daylight saving time (summer time) setting
      • ///: Date format
      • Year-Month-Day setting
      • Clock setting

  2. Check the settings on the displayed screen, then press the REC/ENTER button.


  • Regions are defined by the time difference between Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the standard time of your residence. For details on the time difference, see “The list of time differences for world capitals.”
  • You can set the above settings from the remote control settings. See “Date & time setting,” “Area setting,” “Daylight saving time (summer time) setting,” and “Date format.”