Waterproof performance

Notes on the waterproof performance

The remote control is designed to be waterproof. Damage caused by misuse, abuse, or improper maintenance is not covered by the limited warranty.

  • Do not subject the remote control to pressurized water, such as from a tap.
  • Do not use in hot springs.
  • Use the remote control in the recommended operating water temperature range of 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F).
  • The remote control has continuous waterproof performance at a water depth of 3 m (10 feet) for 30 minutes.

Notes before using the remote control under/near water

  • If dirt or sand gets on the terminal section of the remote control (where it connects to the cradle), wipe the area clean with a soft cloth that does not leave behind any fibers.
  • If you have used the remote control near water or with wet or sandy hands, perform the procedure described in “Maintenance of the remote control in water or at a waterfront” before charging the remote control with the cradle.

Notes on using the remote control under/near water

  • Do not subject the remote control to shock such as by jumping into water.
  • The remote control sinks in water. Use the belt supplied with the remote control to prevent it from sinking.
  • Bubbles may appear when the remote control is placed underwater. This is not a malfunction.
  • You cannot use the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth function of the remote control underwater.