Screen display during multi connection

The indicators described below are displayed on the LCD screen during multi connection.

  1. Wi-Fi connection setting
  2. Bluetooth connection status
  3. Clock time
  4. Battery level indicator of the remote control

    • When the remaining battery charge decreases, the battery level indicator will change in the direction of an arrow.
  5. UP button/DOWN button operation guide
    • Switches the connected camera.
  6. Shooting mode indicator/REC icon
    • The shooting mode and recording status of the connected camera are displayed. The position of the orange cursor indicates which camera is currently displaying Live-View.
    • ” is displayed on the upper right area of an icon while recording.
  7. Temperature increase indicator
    • is displayed when the temperature of the connected camera increases.
    • Leave the power turned off to allow the temperature of the camera or the battery to decrease.