List of setting items

You can display and change the settings by pressing the MENU button while the camera and remote control are connected via Wi-Fi.

  • Some setting items cannot be set depending on the connected cameras or selected shooting mode. Refer to the instruction manual of the camera.

Shooting modes

  • : Movie mode
  • : Photo mode
  • : Time-lapse capture mode
  • : Live streaming mode

/// Shooting settings*1

Setting items
Image quality setting
Movie format
Time-lapse capture image size
Loop recording time
Still image mode switching
Still image shooting interval
Time-lapse shooting interval
Time-lapse shot number
SteadyShot (Movie)
SteadyShot (Still)
Angle setting
Zoom setting
AE shift
Time-lapse AE mode
White balance
Color mode
Audio recording setting
Wind noise reduction

Play mode*1

Plays and deletes movies/images using the remote control.

Camera Settings*1

  • : Bluetooth remote controller power setting
  • : Format*3
  • : Time code/user bit*4
  • : IR remote
  • : Beep
  • : Beep volume
  • : Lamp setting
  • : One touch recording
  • : Auto power off
  • : Switching NTSC/PAL

Remote control settings

  • : Airplane mode*5
  • : Connection mode*5, *6
  • : Bluetooth setting*5, *6
  • : Network setting reset*6, *7
  • : Auto monitor off while shooting
  • : Mirror Mode
  • : Display rotate
  • : Monitor brightness
  • : Date & time setting
  • : Area setting
  • :Daylight saving time (summer time) setting
  • ///: Date format*8
  • : Version
  • : Resetting the settings


Disconnects the Wi-Fi connection and returns to the Wi-Fi device selection screen.

Device registration*7

Registers a camera to connect to the remote control for multi connection.

*1 Displayed only in the single connection.

*2 The icon varies depending on the connected camera.

*3 Displayed only when a memory card is inserted into the camera.

*4 Displayed only when set to movie mode/loop recording mode.

*5 Not displayed when the camera and the remote control are connected via Wi-Fi.

*6 Not displayed when the Airplane mode is set to ON.

*7 Displayed only in multi connection.

*8 The display varies depending on which country or region you purchased the remote control.


  • The setting items of the camera are displayed only when the camera and the remote control are connected via Wi-Fi (excluding the remote control settings).