Handling the LCD screen

On the LCD screen

  • Do not leave the LCD screen facing the sun as it may be damaged. Be careful when placing the remote control by a window.
  • If the remote control is used in a cold place, horizontal lines or a residual image may appear on the LCD screen. This is not a malfunction. The LCD screen returns to normal when the remote control warms up.
  • If a still picture or a fixed picture is displayed for a long time, an image may remain superimposed on the LCD screen as a ghosting image.

Bright point and vanishing point on the LCD screen

The LCD panel fitted to the remote control is manufactured with high precision technology, but a very small proportion of pixels may be “stuck”, either always off (black), always on (red, green, or blue), or flashing. In addition, because of the physical characteristics of the liquid crystal display, such “stuck” pixels may appear spontaneously over a long period of use. These problems are not a malfunction.