Playing music on a smartphone

You can play music that is stored on a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

  1. Hold down the button () for 3 seconds to turn on the Walkman.
  2. Hold down the button () for 2 seconds to turn on the Bluetooth function.
    The lamp () will flash. The Walkman will connect to the last connected smartphone automatically, and then the lamp will light up.

  3. Press the button () to start playback.
    Playback of music on the smartphone will start. To pause playback, press the button ().


  • To listen to music stored on the Walkman while the Walkman is connected to the smartphone, hold down the button () for 2 seconds to switch to the Walkman mode.
  • You can perform playback operations (such as starting or pausing playback) using the Remote Commander (NW-WS625 only).
  • If you turn off the Walkman while the Bluetooth function is active, the Bluetooth function will turn on automatically the next time you turn on the Walkman.
  • If the voice guidance is too loud for playing back music, try the following.
    • Turn down the volume on the Walkman and then turn up the volume on the smartphone.


  • Depending on the smartphone that you are using, you may not be able to play the music with the Walkman. In this case, play the music by operating the smartphone.
  • When the Walkman is in the Headphone mode, you cannot perform the following operations.
    • Skipping to the previous or next unit (folder/playlist/album).
    • Changing the playback mode (Repeat/Shuffle).
    • Changing the playback range (folder/playlist/album).

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