Battery life

The values shown below are the approximate battery life when content is played continuously.

Battery life of the Walkman

Walkman mode (Approx.)

MP3 128 kbps Ambient Sound Mode ON 8 hours
Ambient Sound Mode OFF 12 hours
Linear PCM 1411 kbps Ambient Sound Mode ON 7 hours
Ambient Sound Mode OFF 10 hours

Headphone mode (Approx.)

Ambient Sound Mode ON 3.5 hours
Ambient Sound Mode OFF 4 hours


  • Even if the player is turned off for an extended period, a small amount of battery power is still consumed.
  • Battery life may vary depending on volume setting, conditions of use and ambient temperature.
  • The battery life may become 20% shorter when “Dynamic Normalizer” setting is active.
  • The battery life for continuous playback via a Bluetooth connection may become 40 % to 70 % shorter depending on the content format or the settings of the connected device.
  • The battery life may become about 20% shorter when the Walkman is paired with the Remote Commander. (This is a default setting for the NW-WS625.) Reset the Walkman to the factory settings to extend the battery life as described in this topic. When you use the Remote Commander, you will need to pair the Walkman and the Remote Commander again. Refer to the [Help Guide] for details.

Battery life of the Remote Commander (supplied for only NW-WS625)

Approx. 18 months (2 hours usage every day) (*1)

*1The battery life may differ depending on ambient temperature or the status of use. The value is for reference only.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.