Using the Remote Commander

(Only for models supplied with the Remote Commander)

The Remote Commander allows you to operate the Walkman wirelessly. The Remote Commander and the Walkman are already paired as a default. Therefore, you can use the Walkman and the Remote Commander immediately after you turn them on.

  1. Attach the Remote Commander to your finger.

    Adjust the band to fit the size of your finger.

  2. Make sure that the Walkman is turned on.
  3. Hold down the button () for 2 seconds.

    The Remote Commander will turn on. The lamp () will start flashing.

    The Remote Commander will connect to the Walkman automatically. Then, the lamp () will turn off.

    Press any button on the Remote Commander to check the connection. The lamp () will light up if the Walkman and the Remote Commander are connected.

  4. Press the desired button to operate the Walkman.


  • You can use the Remote Commander even if the Bluetooth function of the Walkman is turned off.
  • You can use the Remote Commander while there is an active Bluetooth connection between the Walkman and a smartphone.
  • When you turn off the Walkman, the Remote Commander turns off.
  • If you do not operate the Remote Commander for 2 hours, the Remote Commander will turn off automatically.
  • If the remaining battery level is low, the lamp () will change to red.
  • To delete the pairing information, hold down the buttons ( and ) for 10 seconds.


  • You cannot turn on or turn off the Walkman using the Remote Commander.
  • If the Remote Commander does not have pairing information, it will enter the pairing mode automatically when you turn it on.
  • You cannot use the Remote Commander in a swimming pool.
  • If you replace the battery of the Remote Commander, the pairing information will be deleted. In this case, pair the Walkman and the Remote Commander again.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.