The Walkman does not play tracks in the desired order.

If you transfer tracks from a computer to the Walkman by dragging and dropping the tracks, the track order may be different from the album order.

In this case, try the following procedure:

  1. Connect the Walkman to a computer.

  2. On the computer, open [Computer] – [WALKMAN].

    On a Mac computer, open [WALKMAN] from the desktop.

  3. Open [MUSIC] in [WALKMAN].

  4. Add a number to the beginning of the folder name or the file name (track name).

    For example: [001_album name] or [002_song name], etc.

  5. Disconnect the Walkman from the computer.

    The Walkman will play the tracks in numerical order.


  • After the Walkman recognizes the names of folders and files, the Walkman plays the tracks in the following order.

    • Single-byte numbers
    • Single-byte alphabetical characters
    • Two-byte Hiragana
    • Two-byte Katakana
    • Chinese characters (Kanji)
    • Two-byte numbers
    • Two-byte alphabetical characters
    • Single-byte Katakana

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