Selecting the Walkman or a smartphone as the sound source

When the Walkman is connected to a smartphone, you can select one of the following sound sources.

  • Walkman mode
    • You can listen to music on the Walkman.
    • While you are listening to music on the Walkman, you can answer a call to the smartphone.
  • Headphone mode
    • You can listen to music on a smartphone with the Walkman.
    • You can answer or hang up a call from a smartphone.

  1. Hold down the button () for 2 seconds while the Bluetooth function is active.

    Each time you hold down the button (), the mode toggles.


  • When you connect the Walkman to a Bluetooth device, the Walkman enters the Headphone mode automatically. When you change the sound source from a smartphone to the Walkman, playback on the smartphone stops automatically.
  • If you turn off the Walkman while the Bluetooth function is active, the Bluetooth function will turn on automatically the next time you turn on the Walkman.

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