Listening to music from a device via a Bluetooth connection

If your Bluetooth device supports the following profiles, you can enjoy listening to music and control the device from your headset via a Bluetooth connection.

  • TMAP (Telephony and Media Audio Profile)
    You can control the streaming for smartphones, headset, left and right standalone earbuds, speakers, TVs, and more.
  • MCP (Media Control Profile)
    You can play or stop music.
  • VCP (Volume Control Profile)
    You can adjust the volume, etc.

The operation may vary depending on the Bluetooth device. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the Bluetooth device.

  1. Put the headset units into your ears.

    See “Wearing the headset” for how to wear the headset in your ears.

  2. Connect the headset to a Bluetooth device.
  3. Operate the Bluetooth device to start playback and adjust the volume to a moderate level.
  4. Tap the touch sensor on the right headset unit to adjust the volume.
    • Increase the volume: Tap the touch sensor on the right headset unit during music playback.

      As you repeatedly tap the touch sensor, the volume increases step by step according to the number of taps.

    • Lower the volume: Hold your finger to the touch sensor on the right headset unit during music playback to lower the volume continuously. Release your finger from the touch sensor at the desired volume level.

      While touching the touch sensor, the volume lowers step by step.

    When the volume reaches the maximum or minimum, an alarm sounds.

The headset does not produce sound

The headset does not produce sound when it is connected to a Bluetooth device that does not support LE Audio. If this is the case, initialize the headset and then connect the supplied USB transceiver.


  • Depending on the Bluetooth device, it may be necessary to adjust the volume or set the audio output setting on the device.
  • You can also listen to music by removing only one headset unit from the charging case and putting it into your ear.
    Assign the music playback function to the touch sensor using “INZONE Hub” or the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app when operating music playback with the headset.
    When you are listening to music with only one headset unit, if you put the other headset unit into the other ear, you can listen to music with both headset units.


  • You cannot adjust the volume with the headset when no music is playing.
  • If the communication condition is poor, the Bluetooth device may react incorrectly to the operation on the headset.
  • If the volume is turned down on the connected device while connected via Bluetooth connection, the volume cannot be turned up very high using the headset. To turn the volume up higher, adjust the volume on the connected device.