When the headset units, charging case or USB transceiver gets wet

When the headset units get wet

  1. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe off any water that gets on the headset units.

  2. Remove the earbud tips, turn the sound conduits (sound output tubes) downward, and shake several times to get the water out.

  3. Turn the microphone part or air hole part downward and gently tap it about 20 times on a dry cloth, etc. to remove any water collected inside.

  4. Leave the headset to dry at room temperature.

On water resistant performance of the headset

  • The charging case and USB transceiver are not water resistant.
  • The water resistant specifications of this headset are equivalent to IPX4 in IEC 60529 “Degrees of protection against ingress of water (IP Code)”, which specifies the degree of protection provided against the entry of water. The headset cannot be used in water.
    Unless the headset is used correctly, water may get into the headset and cause fire, electrocution, or malfunctions. Note the following cautions carefully and use the headset correctly.
    IPX4: Protected against water splashing from any direction.
  • The sound conduits (sound output tubes), air holes, and microphone part of the headset are not completely watertight.
    If any water droplets are left in the sound conduits, air holes, or microphone part, the following issues may occur temporarily. However, they are not malfunctions.
    • Sounds become difficult to hear.
    • The noise canceling effect is weakened.
    • Unusual sounds are heard.
    • Voices during phone calls become difficult to hear.

Liquids that the water resistant performance specifications of the headset apply to

Applicable: Fresh water, tap water, perspiration
Not applicable: Liquids other than those above (examples: soapy water, detergent water, water with bath agents, shampoo, hot spring water, hot water, pool water, seawater, etc.)

The water resistant performance of the headset is based on measurements performed by Sony under the conditions described above. Note that malfunctions resulting from water immersion caused by customer misuse are not covered by the warranty.