Playing back movies

Plays back the recorded movies.

  1. Press the (playback) button to switch to playback mode.
  2. Select a movie to play back using the left/right buttons.
  3. To play back movies, press the (Enter) button.

To return to shooting images

Select MENU (Playback) → [Shoot./PB Selector] to return to the shooting mode.

  • You can also go back to the shooting mode by pressing the SHUTTER/MOVIE button halfway down.

Available operations during movie playback

You can perform slow playback and sound volume adjustment, etc. by pressing the down button.

  • : Playback
  • : Pause
  • : Fast-forward
  • : Fast-rewind
  • : Forward slow playback
  • : Reverse slow playback
  • : Next movie file
  • : Previous movie file
  • : Displays the next frame
  • : Displays the previous frame
  • : Sound volume adjustment
  • : Closes the operation panel


  • “Forward slow playback,” “Reverse slow playback,” “Displays the next frame” and “Displays the previous frame” are available during pause.