Shooting images underwater

You can also use this camera underwater. In underwater shooting, the brightness and the white balance are different from what they would be under ordinary shooting conditions. It is recommended that you shoot images with the settings below when you shoot images underwater using this camera alone or with the housing (sold separately).

Set a faster shutter speed (for still images)

In underwater shooting, the subject becomes darker than under ordinary shooting conditions, even if you are shooting outdoors. Set a faster shutter speed because the camera or subject tends to shake in underwater shooting.

  • If [Shoot Mode] is set to [Program Auto], set [ISO AUTO Min. SS] to [Faster] or set [ISO] to a higher value to make the shutter speed faster.
  • If [Shoot Mode] is set to [Manual Exposure], set a faster [Shutter Speed].

The shutter speed will be slower if the ISO sensitivity is low.

  • In [ISO AUTO] mode, set [ISO AUTO Maximum] to a higher value to make the shutter speed faster.

Change the [White Balance] setting (for still images/movies)

In underwater shooting, the appropriate white balance is different from the white balance under ordinary shooting conditions.

  • Set [White Balance] to [Underwater Auto].


  • The optical specifications in this manual were measured in air. Underwater, the minimum shooting distance at which the camera can focus is approximately 1.3 times that in air, and the angle of view is approximately 0.7 times that in air.
  • You cannot use wireless functions underwater.