Usable memory cards

You can use the following types of memory cards with this camera. The mark indicates that these memory cards can be used for shooting still images or movies.

Memory card For still images For movies
Memory Stick Micro (M2)
(Mark2 only)

(Mark2 only)
microSD memory card *1 *1
microSDHC memory card *1 *1 *2
microSDXC memory card *1 *1 *2

*1SD Speed Class 4 () or faster, or UHS Speed Class U1 () or faster

*2SD Speed Class10 (), or UHS Speed Class U1 () or faster


  • When a microSDHC memory card is used to record XAVC S or MP4 movies over extended periods of time, the recorded movies will be divided into files of 4 GB. The divided files can be integrated into a single file using PlayMemories Home.
  • Not all memory cards are guaranteed to operate correctly.
  • When you use a memory card with the camera for the first time, it is recommended that you format the card on the camera before use for more stable performance of the memory card.
    Note that formatting erases all data on the memory card permanently, and is irreversible. Save valuable data on a computer, etc.
  • Images recorded on a microSDXC memory card cannot be imported to or played on computers or AV devices that are not compatible with exFAT when connected using a micro USB cable. Make sure that the device is compatible with exFAT before connecting it to the camera. If you connect your camera to an incompatible device, you may be prompted to format the card. Never format the card in response to this prompt, as doing so will erase all data on the card. (exFAT is the file system used on microSDXC memory cards.)