Notes on memory card

  • If you repeatedly shoot and delete images for a long time, fragmentation of data in a file in the memory card may occur, and movie recording may be interrupted in the middle of shooting. If this happens, save your images to a computer or other storage location, then execute [Format].
  • Memory card formatted with a computer is not guaranteed to operate with the product.
  • Data read/write speeds differ depending on the combination of the memory card and the equipment used.
  • We recommend backing up important data, such as to a hard disk of a computer.
  • Do not attach a label on the memory card itself nor on a memory card adaptor.
  • Do not touch the terminal section of the memory card with your hand or a metal object.
  • Do not strike, bend or drop the memory card.
  • Do not disassemble or modify the memory card.
  • Do not expose the memory card to water.
  • Do not leave the memory card within the reach of small children. They might accidentally swallow it.
  • The memory card may be hot just after it has been used for a long time. Be careful when you handle it.
  • Do not remove the battery pack or the memory card or turn the camera off while the access lamp is illuminated. This may cause the data on the memory card to become damaged.
  • If the memory card is used near areas with strong magnetization, or used in locations subject to static electricity or electrical noise, the data on the memory card may become damaged.
  • Do not insert a memory card that does not fit the memory card slot. Doing so will cause a malfunction.
  • Do not use or store the memory card under the following conditions:
    • High temperature locations such as in a car parked under the sun
    • Locations exposed to direct sunlight
    • Humid locations or locations with corrosive substances present

Notes on the memory card/connector cover

Do not leave the detached memory card/connector cover within the reach of small children. It may be swallowed accidentally.