Identifying parts

When the covers are open

  1. Recording lamp
  2. Lens
  3. Internal microphones
    • Do not cover this part during movie recording. Doing so may cause noise or lower the volume.
  4. Lens protector
    • You can replace this part with an optional accessory (sold separately).
  5. Hook for strap
    • To avoid dropping the camera, attach the wrist strap and place your hand through the strap when performing hand-held shooting.

  6. (On/Standby) button
  7. Memory card/connector cover
  8. Monitor
  9. MENU button
  10. Speaker
  11. SHUTTER/MOVIE button
  12. Recording lamp
  13. Up button/DISP (Display switching) button
  14. Battery cover
  15. Down button/ (Playback) button
  16. (Enter) button/Custom key
  17. Left button/Custom key
  18. Right button/Fn (Function) button
  19. HDMI micro jack
  20. Memory card slot
  21. Multi/Micro USB Terminal
    • For details on compatible accessories for the Multi/Micro USB Terminal, visit the Sony website, or consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.
  22. Access lamp/charge lamp
  23. Microphone jack
    • When an external microphone is connected, the internal microphone is turned off automatically. When the external microphone is a plug-in-power type, the power of the microphone is supplied by the camera.
  24. Battery insertion slot
  25. Battery lock lever
  26. Tripod socket hole
    • Use a tripod with a screw 5.5 mm (7/32 inches) or shorter in length.

To use the camera with the memory card/connector cover detached

You can detach the memory card/connector cover. When you use the camera with cables connected, detach the memory card/connector cover.

To reattach the memory card/connector cover, insert it into the camera.

Memory card protector

Attach the memory card protector when you use the camera with an HDMI cable, micro USB cable, or external microphone connected. The memory card protector prevents memory card access errors when the memory card is accidentally loosened due to vibration or shock, etc.

To remove the memory card protector, pull it out while pressing the holding parts on the top and the bottom of the protector.