Auto/Manual Swt. Set.


When shooting movies, you can switch between the automatic and manual settings separately for aperture and shutter speed, as you would with the exposure control system of a professional camera. Set [Exposure Ctrl Type] to [Flexible Exp. Mode] beforehand.

  1. MENU (Exposure/Color) → [Exposure][Auto/Manual Swt. Set.] → desired setting item.

Menu item details

Av Auto/Manual Switch:
Switches the aperture value between [Auto] and [Manual].
Tv Auto/Manual Switch:
Switches the shutter speed between [Auto] and [Manual].

To switch between [Auto] and [Manual] using a custom keys

When [Exposure Ctrl Type] is set to [Flexible Exp. Mode], the following functions are assigned to the custom keys during movie recording.

  • [Av Auto/Manual Switch]: C2 (Custom 2) button
  • [Tv Auto/Manual Switch]: C1 (Custom 1) button
Each time you press the respective custom key, the aperture value or shutter speed switches between [Auto] and [Manual].
When [Auto] is selected, the proper exposure is set automatically, and when [Manual] is selected, the aperture value and shutter speed can be set with the following dials.
  • Aperture value: rear dial
  • Shutter speed: front dial


  • When you set the aperture value with the lens aperture ring, the aperture ring value takes priority over the dial value.