Audio Rec Level

movie, slow&quick motion

You can adjust the audio recording level while checking the level meter. This function cannot be used during slow-motion/quick-motion recording.

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [Audio Recording][Audio Rec Level].
  2. Select the desired level using the right/left sides of the control wheel.

Menu item details

Turns up the audio recording level.
Turns down the audio recording level.


  • When you record audio movies with loud volumes, set [Audio Rec Level] to a lower sound level. Doing so enables you to record more realistic audio. When you record audio movies with lower volumes, set [Audio Rec Level] to a greater sound level to make the sound easier to hear. Check that the volume is at the appropriate level by monitoring the audio recording volume with the connected headphones or the volume level meter on the camera.
  • To reset the audio recording level to the default setting, press the (Delete) button.


  • Regardless of the [Audio Rec Level] settings, the limiter always operates.
  • [Audio Rec Level] is available only when the shooting mode is set to movie mode.
  • The [Audio Rec Level] settings are applied for both the internal microphone and the (microphone) terminal input.