Auto/Manual Swt. Set.

movie, slow&quick motion

When shooting movies, you can switch between the automatic and manual settings separately for aperture, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity as you would with the exposure control system of a professional camera. Set [Exposure Ctrl Type] to [Flexible Exp. Mode] beforehand.

  1. MENU (Exposure/Color) → [Exposure][Auto/Manual Swt. Set.] → desired setting item.

Menu item details

Av Auto/Manual Switch:
Switches the aperture value between [Auto] and [Manual].
Tv Auto/Manual Switch:
Switches the shutter speed between [Auto] and [Manual].
ISO Auto/Manual Set:
Switches the ISO sensitivity between [Auto] and [Manual].

To switch between [Auto] and [Manual] using a custom keys

When [Exposure Ctrl Type] is set to [Flexible Exp. Mode], the following functions are assigned to the custom keys during movie recording.

  • [Av Auto/Manual Switch]: C2 (Custom 2) button
  • [Tv Auto/Manual Switch]: C4 (Custom 4) button
  • [ISO Auto/Manual Set]: C1 (Custom 1) button

Each time you press the respective custom key, the aperture value, shutter speed, or ISO sensitivity switches between [Auto] and [Manual].

When [Auto] is selected, the proper exposure is set automatically, and when [Manual] is selected, the aperture value, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity can be set with the following dials.

  • Aperture value: front dial
  • Shutter speed: control wheel
  • ISO sensitivity: rear dial


  • When you set the aperture value with the lens aperture ring, the aperture ring value takes priority over the dial value.