Rear side

Illustration of the rear side of the camera

  1. Eyepiece Cup

    To remove the eyepiece cup

    Push the grips at the bottom of the eyepiece cup to the left and right and lift up the cup.

  2. Viewfinder
  3. For shooting: C3 button (Custom button 3)
    For viewing: (Protect) button
  4. MENU button
  5. Monitor (For touch operation: Touch panel/Touch pad)

    You can adjust the monitor to an easily viewable angle and shoot from any position.

    Illustration showing how the monitor can be rotated

    (A): Approx. 176°

    (B): Approx. 270°

    Do not apply excessive force when opening, closing, or rotating the monitor. Doing so may cause a malfunction.

  6. Eye sensor
  7. Diopter-adjustment dial

    Adjust the diopter-adjustment dial according to your eyesight until the display appears clearly in the viewfinder. If it is hard to operate the diopter-adjustment dial, remove the eyepiece cup before operating the dial.

  8. C1 button (Custom button 1)
  9. For shooting: AF-ON (AF On) button
    For viewing: (Enlarge) button
  10. For shooting: AEL button
    [AEL hold] is assigned to the AEL button in the default settings.
    For viewing: (Image index) button
  11. Multi-selector
  12. For shooting: Fn (Function) button
    For viewing: (Send to Smartphone) button

    You can display the screen for [Send to Smartphone] by pressing this button.

  13. Control wheel
  14. Access lamp
  15. For shooting: C4 button (Custom button 4)
    For viewing: (Delete) button
  16. (Playback) button