IPTC Information

You can write IPTC information* when recording still images. Create and edit IPTC information using the IPTC Metadata Preset (https://www.sony.net/iptc/help/) and write the information to a memory card beforehand.

*IPTC information consists of digital image metadata attributes, as standardized by the International Press Telecommunications Council.

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [File][IPTC Information] → desired setting item.

Menu item details

Write IPTC Info:
Sets IPTC information to be written to still images. ([Off]/[IPTC1] - [IPTC20])
  • If you select anything other than [Off], the IPTC number will appear on the shooting screen and IPTC information will be written to still images.
Imports IPTC information to the camera. Deletes IPTC information registered to the camera.
Delete All:
Deletes all IPTC information registered to the camera.

To import or delete IPTC information

You can register up to 20 presets of IPTC information to the camera.

To import IPTC information, select [Import/Delete], select the destination ([IPTC1] - [IPTC20]), and then press the center of the control wheel. Then, select the memory card slot containing the memory card to which the IPTC metadata files are saved and select the file that you want to register to the camera.

To delete IPTC information, select the IPTC information that you want to delete from the camera on the [Import/Delete] screen, and then press the (delete) button.


  • When you play back images that have IPTC information, the (IPTC) icon appears on the screen.
  • For details on how to use the IPTC Metadata Preset, refer to the following support page.


  • You cannot edit or check IPTC information on the camera.
  • Before lending out or handing over the camera, initialize the camera or perform [Delete All] to delete IPTC information.