List of default setting values (Focus)

The default setting values at the time of purchase are shown in the following table.

The content of the menu displayed on the screen differs depending on the position of the mode dial. For details, refer to “Finding functions from MENU.”

To reset settings to the default values

Select MENU (Setup) → [Reset/Save Settings][Setting Reset][Camera Settings Reset] or [Initialize][Enter].

Initialize: All the settings of the camera will be reset to the default values.

Camera Settings Reset: Items that can be reset are limited. See the following table.

(Focus) tab

MENU item Default setting value Resettable using [Camera Settings Reset]
Focus Mode Automatic AF Can be reset
Priority Set in AF-S Balanced Emphasis Not available
Priority Set in AF-C Balanced Emphasis Not available
AF Tracking Sensitivity 3(Standard) Can be reset
AF Illuminator Auto Can be reset
Aperture Drive in AF Standard Not available
Preset Focus/Zoom Not available
AF w/ Shutter On Not available
Pre-AF Off Not available
AF Transition Speed 5 Can be reset
AF Subj. Shift Sensitivity 5(Responsive) Can be reset
AF Assist Off Can be reset
Focus Area Wide Can be reset
Focus Area Limit Can be reset
Switch V/H AF Area Off Can be reset
Focus Area Color White Not available
AF Area Registration Off Not available
Del. Regist. AF Area Not available
AF Area Auto Clear Off Not available
AF-C Area Display On Not available
Phase Detect. Area Off Not available
Circ. of Focus Point Does Not Circulate Not available
AF Frame Move Amt Standard Can be reset
Face/Eye Prior. in AF On Can be reset
Face/Eye Subject Human Can be reset
Right/Left Eye Select Auto Can be reset
Face/Eye Frame Disp. Off Can be reset
Face Memory Not available
Regist. Faces Priority On Can be reset
Auto Magnifier in MF On Not available
Focus Magnifier Not available
Focus Magnif. Time No Limit Not available
Initial Focus Mag. x1.0 Not available
AF in Focus Mag. On Not available
Initial Focus Mag. x1.0 Not available
Peaking Display Off Not available
Peaking Level Mid Not available
Peaking Color White Not available