Illustration of the bottom of the camera

  1. Lock lever
  2. Battery insertion slot
  3. Battery cover

    When attaching an accessory such as a vertical grip (sold separately), remove the battery cover.

    To remove the battery cover

    Pull the battery cover release lever (A) in the direction of the arrow, and then remove the battery cover.

    Illustration showing how to remove the battery cover

    To attach the battery cover

    Insert the shaft on one side of the battery cover into the attachment site, and then push in the battery cover by attaching the shaft on the opposite side.

  4. Tripod socket hole

    Supports 1/4-20 UNC screws

    Use a tripod with a screw less than 5.5 mm (7/32 inches) long. Otherwise, you cannot firmly secure the camera, and damage to the camera may occur.