Anti-dust Function

If dust or debris gets inside the camera and adheres to the surface of the image sensor, clean the image sensor using [Sensor Cleaning]. You can also set whether or not to close the shutter when you turn off the camera so that dust or debris is prevented from adhering to the image sensor.

  1. MENU (Setup) → [Setup Option][Anti-dust Function] → desired setting item.

Menu item details

Sensor Cleaning:
The filter glass surface is ultrasonically vibrated to shake off the dust and dirt. Use a commercially available blower to clean the image sensor surface if necessary.
Shutter When Pwr OFF:
Sets whether to close the shutter when you turn off the camera. ([On]/[Off])
  • If you select [On], the shutter will close when you set the ON/OFF (power) switch to OFF while the camera is turned on. Note that it may take some time for the shutter to close after you set the ON/OFF (power) switch to OFF.
    The shutter also makes a sound when the ON/OFF (power) switch is set to ON or OFF.


  • To clean the image sensor by yourself, execute [Sensor Cleaning] or set [Shutter When Pwr OFF] to [Off].


  • When [Shutter When Pwr OFF] is set to [On], attach the lens cap before storing the camera. Otherwise, a strong light source (such as sunlight) may become focused inside the camera, causing smoke or fire. Even if the light source is slightly away from the angle of view, it may still cause smoke or fire when the lens cap is not attached.
  • Do not touch the closed shutter with your fingers or clean it with a blower. The shutter may become damaged.
  • If there is a risk of water droplets adhering to the shutter, set [Shutter When Pwr OFF] to [Off]. If [Shutter When Pwr OFF] is set to [On], water droplets may adhere to the shutter and cause a malfunction.
  • Make sure that the remaining battery level is 51% or more before performing [Sensor Cleaning].
  • Even if [Shutter When Pwr OFF] is set to [On], the shutter will not close when the power turns off due to activation of the power-saving mode or battery exhaustion. In this case, you can close the shutter by turning the camera on and off again.