Vertical grip

You can attach a vertical grip (sold separately) to this product and record vertically oriented images. When attaching the vertical grip, remove the battery cover in advance.
For details, refer to the operating instructions for the vertical grip.

To remove the battery cover

Pull the battery cover release lever (A) in the direction of the arrow, and then remove the battery cover.

Illustration showing how to remove the battery cover

To attach the battery cover

Insert the shaft on one side of the battery cover into the attachment site, and then push in the battery cover by attaching the shaft on the opposite side.


  • You can attach the removed battery cover to the vertical grip so that you do not lose it.
  • Two battery packs can be inserted into the vertical grip. In this case, the remaining capacity of each battery pack is displayed on the shooting screen and in the shooting setting list in the (Main) tab. On the playback screen and menu screen, the remaining capacity of the smaller of the two battery packs is displayed.


  • If you attach the LA-EA4 Mount Adaptor (sold separately) and the vertical grip at the same time, the space between the Mount Adaptor and the vertical grip will become narrow, making the camera difficult to hold.